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PEO: CNS: MAUVE Ors sled Slade dest guided As send geen end: ble Webae. aude ened geauerdc E E The CAIN Newsletter -Mark Leair

SP rom, tne: -SIG Manager sa. osais sg avin Sele a ie tas The Cleveland Free-Net & Atari SIG -Len Stys Free-Net News: Part- 2 kilts seia Saan Soh oi Skies be ee aes Atari SIG Conference No More?

New 16/32-Bit Computers SIGOp CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 Prize Report

NOISE in Greater Cleveland Area -Atari SIG

Atari ANEW Side tide, tit, 5 dude dette lac ded Slate Sade BAe ted Sit dat os 2 Ses Video Gamers Need Not Wait Atari Abolishes All Rules

Jaguar Tips and Tricks Publication

Alien Vs. Predator Ad

-Atari Corp.

Wolf 3-D on Babbages Top 10 List -Sgt. Dudley

European Trade Show Report -Darren Bates

Jag Site Returns Andrew Heller

Jaguar in "History of Computing" -Kevin Haley

S-Bre. Computers SUPPORE Arapi aerat Sheeler ds ba 8 ales eee Se 8-bit Support Area News 8-bit Product News

8-bit Feature Article--Rick Reaser

8-Bit Commentary

-Michael Current

16/32-Bit Computers Support Area.......... The Persistence of Vision Raytracer -Thomas Main

Free-Net News Part II.................. CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 Show Exhibitors -Atari SIG Atari Classic Gaming Corner............... Pitfall Map/Solution--Thomas Clancy

-Fred Horvat

LYNX SUPP OLE: ALETE a ter har pices de go A E E r eral asta toned: Som ee oo a omens ena ane Lene: 40m Ss Lynx News CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 Lynx Report--John Daniels

Lynx Summer Steal Deal Extended to Fall

-Barry W. Cantin

Jaguar Support, AT Sa niceties aed weet wi a eae ee eet aye Gaia ess a hee Ge sd ae Ses S Jaguar News AvP, Iron Soldier, and others--Marty Chin

Brutal Sports Football Review--Kevin Haley

Brutal Sports Football Review--Augie Kuo

Brutal Sports Strategy Tips--Augie Kuo

Messages of Interest Jaguar Release Date Lists Jaguar Commentary

-Len Stys Head “Organizer ShHOwVREPO Rt Me Mee aa a gee Sister dhe sue e AG dh gia gees acer da cies Maes he Fred Horvat CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 RESPONSES... eee ee ee ee ee ee ees Part-Time BBS Upcoming Atari Shows Aeee Po a duel eee ded ida os & Sided Aes Atari Show Calendar

-Mark Leair

Voting Issues and Results............ Reader and User Opinion Poll Information -Mark Leair

General Information. Of Nesdi ses sche Se 8 oS eels esis How to Contribute to CAIN Article Requests -Mark Leair

>From the Editor

Mark Leair

What’s this? An August/September issue of CAIN? Has CAIN, like Current Notes, changed to a bi-monthly schedule? Of course not! Let's just say it was one busy month for the CAIN staff. Some staff members were without Internet access, some were heading back to school, and others were making up work that was missed while planning the CAIN Atari Fun Fest. However, you’ll be happy to hear that we haven’t "short changed" you. This

double issue will definitely live up to its name. Over 160K of Atari news and reviews are at your finger tips! (But wait! There’s more!) ...and for you Jaguar Fans, there’s a special supplement containing details on how you can encourage more game manufacturers to develop for the Jaguar. So, with the supplement you’re getting over 200K of Atari news! If it’s news, it’s in here!

You may notice a few minor changes in this issue. First, there’s the Fr Net News area which has been split into two sections. The second section contains a list of vendors whom attended the CAIN Atari Fun Fest. Because this

list is rather large, we felt it would interfere with the continuity of the news section. Therefore, please refer to "Free-Net News Part II" for this list

of vendors. Next, you may notice that there isn’t any "Conferencing" section.

This has to do with the fact that the Free-Net Administration has made

a decision that prohibits SIG Operators to access the IRC Multi-User Chat facility. Without access to the IRC, the Atari SIG Operators are unable to moderate conferences. No explanation for this decision has been made public as

of September 13, 1994. S the "Fr Net News Part I" section for this and other news. Thirdly, CAIN has a new 16/32-bit writer on its staff. Thomas Main has joined the CAIN ranks and brings you a review on the "Persistence of Vision Raytracer," a graphics tool for the ST. Finally, one will find many "CAIN Atari Show Reports" scattered throughout this issue.

It is hard to believe that the end of summer is here! However, it was definitely a memorable one. The CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94, which was held August 7th in Kirtland Ohio, was definitely the highlight of this summer.


you throw a show, they’1l come."

A good portion of our spectators were from the Northeastern Ohio and Pennsylvania. Many people came out to see the Jaguar, while other die-hard Atari fans came out of the wood work in search for the ultimate Atari deal. Overall it showed us that there is still an interest in Atari products in the


Give Aways! Give Aways! Give Aways!

The highlight of the show was definitely the raffling of three Jaguar systems courtesy of Atari Corp. Additionally, most of the vendors donated

door prizes to the show.

a complete list of winn

Finally, we are in need

Door prizes were given away 1-2 times an hour. For rs, s the Fr Net News Part I section. kK kK * of a few talented writers. If you’re interested in send m mail (Internet) at "aa338@po.cwru.edu".

joining our team, pleas Thanks a million!

>From the SIG Manager

Len Stys

The CAIN Atari Fun Fest

-Mark Leair CAIN Publisher/Editor

94--the highlight of the Summer--the biggest day

of the year for Atari users in Ohio and surrounding states--is over and everyone that I have talked with had a blast. The official count of the number of people that attended the show was near 300 people. Because many

people did not register the CAIN Atari Fun Fest

his was the first show

that was located in the

and we will remember th

, W stimate that well over 300 people attended 94.

ever organized by CAIN User Group and the

T Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG. It was also the first Atari show in years

Cleveland area. Since this was our first show,

we spent a lot of time to make sure the show went well. But we knew that the show would not be perfect. We have learned a lot from our first show

told, however, by a lot

have taken place in the

I am thankful to the dealers/vendors, developers, and user groups that

attended the CAIN Atari

area has needed for a V

se things for future shows that we do. We were of people that they could not believe it was our

first show. They thought the show compared favorably to other shows that

United States.

Fun Fest 94. You were part of something that this

ERY long time. And you didn’t disappoint

anyone. Most of the people that attended the CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 had a great time and you are directly responsible for it. We have mentioned the dealers/vendors, developers, and user groups in another part of this

newsletter-—-look for it!

I am especially thankful to Atari Corporation. The company gave the show

organizers THREE Jaguar Tempest 2000 cartridges

64-BIT integrated multimedia systems and THREE to demonstrate and then raffle off at the show.

The support that Atari has given us is one of the reasons the show was a

success. And because of Atari’s contribution, everyone that attended the CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 has a new positive attitude towards Atari


The people at Atari that arranged to give us the Jaguars and Tempest 2000s to demonstrate and raff] because their contribution

many ways,

1) A E: I




hat peop]

but it has al


tari Corporation received a new image through th hat were made to promo le can win Jaguars and

to the s helped A

le off at the show made a smart move. how has not only helped the show in tari Corporation in many ways.

This is

te the show. Each of th

advertisements advertisements stated



ly, peopl


tari’s actions now.

advertisements wer

a positive i

mage about Atari he thought of Atari being cheap is dismissed by peopl

st 2000s from Atari Corporation.

in their minds.



È pos sen let ove

Jagu post


advertisements in the CLI newspapers.

T a E v J T È


to all er 1,200 ar offices, Explorer Online,

s sent to all

to over 200 Free-Net users, he System Announcements,


Usenet newsgroup postings,

major A


flyers ers, and


he contribu lso resulted he show,

about the show flyers pos colleges

tion of Jaguars and Tempes in deal


ted on bulletin boards of

r & ST Repor EVELAND P





ER and CHI

information in CAIN Newsl information in S


messages sent

10,000 Cleveland Free-Net use tari gaming BBS postings, ted on over 25 Greater Cleveland BBSs--including PC OHIO, Atari user groups in Ohio and surrounding s dealerships and Atari publica that were distributed local


rs through messages letters

tates, tions,

rough 20 libraries,





FH ct


ships carrying

there was

ideo gam



he WaldenSoftware in A

excited about the Jagua support of the show.

before trying it. try the Jaguar to see if they want to buy it.

A lot of people know about the Jaguar, Thes

After the show,


people cam

he 3DO that they had been demonstrating for awhile. system gets the most attention?



2000s by Atari Corporation the Jaguar and games. tle excitement about the Jaguar by many of the we have heard of at least one aguar dealer setting up a Jaguar for people to try at their store. Ohio set-up a Jaguar that now sits next to


Guess which

You guessed it--Jaguar. and this is a result of Atari Corporation's

Dealers are

but they refuse to buy a product to the CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 to Several Jaguars were

sold at the show and a large number of Jaguar games were also sold.

In any way I

by cont off at much mo

I would post ca

card un

The Jagua

loyalists in the G


the show.

rs tha

of t

look at


will most likely buy a Jagua

t people won Tempest 2000 cartridges that One winner of t bought all

he contribu

The contribution also boosted ater Clev

Atari Corporation did very wel ributing Jaguars and Tempest 2000s to be demonstrated and raffled tion of the Jaguars and Tempest 2000s was re cost effective than advertising in a newspaper for one day. the morale of many Atari supporters and

land area.

lso like


rds that promoted the s

after the show.

how. Unfortunately,

resulted in sales of games. people won resulted in Jaguar sales.

he Tempest 2000 bought a Jaguar at the show and also he games available for the Jaguar.

the U.S.

The people that went home without buying a Jaguar or game cartridge r or game cartridge soon after.

And the

ll for themselves

o thank TOAD Computers for sending several hundred

Postal Service is up to their usual standards and most people did not receive the post I received my post card from TOAD Computers on

the Tuesday after the show. The post card was don xtremely well and it was really nice of TOAD Computers to try to help make the show a success.

Thanks to everyone that attended. The Atari Community is definitely made up of special people.

A number of people are writing game companies to encourage them to produce their favorite title for the Jaguar. In the CAIN Newsletter Supplement, you will find a letter writing campaign which lists several companies and their addresses. I encourage you to read it and participate. If you own a Jaguar or plan to buy one, these games are fun to play and should help make the Jaguar a success.

Free-Net News Part I

Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG Conferences No More?

The Cleveland Free-Net Administration took away IRC (online conference) access away from SysOps. No explanation was given to SysOps for the action taken. This makes it impossible for the Atari SIGOps to continue monthly online conferences.

In order to get IRC Access back to SysOps, please write Jeff Gumpf at jag@cleveland.freenet.edu and inform Mr. Gumpf that you enjoy online Atari conferences and wish for them to continue on the Cleveland Free-Net.

In order for the online Atari conferences to continue, IRC access to SysOps must be returned.

New 16/32-Bit Computers SIGOp

The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG welcomes Thomas Main (em129) as the new 16/32-Bit Computers SIGOp. He will also be contributing articles and information to CAIN Newsletter each month. This month’s 16/32-Bit article is an extensive review by Thomas Main on the Persistence of Vision Raytracer.

The Atari SIG is looking for additional 16/32-Bit SIGOps and writers for CAIN Newsletter. If you are interested, please send mail to: xx004@cleveland.freenet.edu

CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 Prize Report

Jaguar 64-BIT Winners!

Gary Branstein Robert Lai Dave Merklin Mentor, OH Euclid, OH Akron, OH

Ke. GK OK Below is a list of prizes donated and the vendor whom donated it.

Vendor/User Group Prize

Atari Corp.

AAA Video

The Computer Shoppe

FMH Games

Fouch Software

It’s All Relative

Jeff’s Atari Outpost

Majic Soft

Micro Computer Depot

Spectrum Atari Group

Stys on the Rise

Toad Computers

Steven J. Tucker

3 Jaguar Multi-Media Systems 3 Tempest 2000 game cartridges for Jaguar

Tweety Board

Pair of Remote Control Joysticks 8-bit games Pac-Man + Joust

2600 console with 10 used games 16 new 2600, 5200, and 7800 games Mailing Manager ST software

View II by DMJ software

2 $50.00 gift certificates 3 2600 Grab Bags



Arcade hits Vol 1.

Button Awari ST software Buttonz Basic ST software Nertz ST Software

Spectrum T-shirt Gauntlet III Lynx game 2 Jaguar Caps with $5.00 off coupons

$40.00 gift certificate

Below is a list of prize winners at the CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94.


Brian Roach Joyce Kowalski Paul Klomfas Andrew Floyd Tim Roach

Tom Lamparty Larry Ray

Joe Pallendino Linda Spangler Robert Lai George Adams Al Silverstien Nick Branstien Rob Cupples Adam Corover Sandy Durisin

Gable Blankenship

Don Crano Dave Curtin James Woodford

$50.00 gift certificate

$50.00 gift certificate

Atari 2600 console and 10 used games Jaguar cap and $5.00 gift certificate $40.00 gift certificate

Nertz ST game

Jaguar cap and $5.00 gift certificate Wireless joysticks

4 new 2600 games

SAGE T-shirt

Mailing Manager ST

Buttonz Basic St software

4 new 2600 games

4 new 2600/5200/7800 games

2 new 8-bit cartridges

MAGE Arcade Pack

Buttonz Awari ST software

Tweety Board

4 new 2600/5200/7800 games

View II Software

Dan Paxton Gauntlet III Lynx game

NOISE in Greater Cleveland Area Northern Ohio Internet System Explorer (N.O.1I.S.E.) is a public access OS/2 Internet site. It is designed for the novice user, but its help

screens are unobtrusive for the experienced hand.

We offer a full range of Internet services, including email, usenet, Telnet, FTP, Archie, gopher, WWW, MUD and IRC.

The System is front ended with a standard bulletin board which provides a menu driven access to all functions.

On the bulletin board we maintain current files of interest to internet users, including a number of basic FAQ's.

We are available from 9 am to midnight to provide assistance to users via a bulletin board ’yell’ feature, and by voice phone (s below).

Our service is price at $2 per hour with a free trial for the first five hours. Discounts for educators, students and businesses are available. Fore more information, contact: Bill_Leyser@noise.cleveland.oh.us

Data: 216-892-110, Voice: 216-871-7419

Atari News

Contact: Ron Beltramo Atari Corporation (408) 745-8852





Wolfenstein 3D, Alien Vs. Predator, Kasumi Ninja and Doom Among Many Hot New Titles Available by Christmas on the Award-Winning, 64-bit Atari Jaguar

SUNNYVALE, CA (August 29,1994) —- Sega, Nintendo, 3DO and Sony continue to tell game enthusiasts that they must wait until late 1995 to experience advanced video gam technology and performance. But the Atari Jaguar, the world’s first 64-bit multimedia home entertainment system, already is available. "By Christmas 1994, Jaguar fans will be playing 30-50 new game titles on their 64-bit systems while our competitors continue to play catch up and beg their followers to be patient," said Sam Tramiel, Atari president and CEO. "Its nice to know American companies are once again leading the way in technology."

The Atari Jaguar is the only video game system manufactured in the United States. Jaguar, the most powerful multimedia system available, was recently named the industry’s Best New Game System (Video Games Magazine), Best New Hardware Systems (Game Informer) and 1993 Technical Achievement of the Year (Die Hard Game Fan). Jaguar also recently was

given the European Computer Trade Show Award for Best Hardware of the Year. "We still have the best hardware on the market. And now we have great titles rolling in." said Tramiel. "So if you can buy 64-bit power today for under $250, why should you wait until 1995 to spend close to $500?" said Tramiel.

In September, Atari will launch an aggressive advertising campaign highlighting the great gameplay made possible by the Atari Jaguar’s 64-bit power. One of the campaign spots stresses the immersive, 3D nature of Jaguar games by focusing on upcoming title Alien Vs. Predator. "The 3D graphics and texture mapping take full advantage of the Jaguar’s technological superiority and create an experienc that is out of this world," said Tramiel.

Atari Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., designs and markets 64-bit interactive multimedia entertainment systems and video games.

Jaguar is a trademark for Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their owning companies.

Contact: Diane Carlini Ron Beltramo Edelman Public Relations Atari Corporation (415) 433-5381 (408) 745-8852

Terry Grantham Telegames, Inc. 214) 224-0690 ext.901

For Immediate Releas


Title Is First Of Many Third-Party Games For Award-Winning, 64-Bit Atari Jaguar

SUNNYVALE, Calif. (August 22, 1994) -- Imagine no rules on the football field as you decapitate your opponent as he runs toward the goal line. The only game you’1ll experience it on is Brutal Sports Football and the only video game system you'll play it on is Atari’s award-

winning Jaguar. The first of many third-party video games, Brutal Sports Football also is the first sports-related, fast-action game developed for the 64-bit Jaguar system.

Initially released for sale in mid August, with national availability in September, Brutal Sports Football represents a hybrid in video games -- coupling the sporting

elements of rugby with the blood-and-guts mayhem of the most popular video games. The product is designed for

action gamers and football fans who are tired of the same old set of moves and rules. The new rules are simple

there are none. Players simply pick up the ball and run for their video game life while avoiding the head-hunting opposition.

"Brutal Sports Football was our chance to work with the most sophisticated video game platform on the market,

the 64-bit Jaguar," said Telegames’ Terry Grantham. "We’ve been developing software for Atari hardware since 1982 and believe this is our most innovative product yet." Brutal

Sports Football, retailing for $69.95 at consumer electronics and toy stores nationwide, is the first of numerous games Telegames is developing for the Jaguar platform including World Class Cricket, Ultimate Brain Games, Casino Royale, and Operation Starfish (James Pond 3).

Atari’s Jaguar game system has approximately 30 software titles planned for release before the holiday season. Popular titles in the works include Alien Vs. Predator, Dragon The Bruce L Story, Doom, Busby, Troy Aikman Football, and Kasumi Ninja.

"We’ve challenged our software designers to develop games that use the full technological capacity of the 64- bit Jaguar," said Atari Corporation President Sam Tramiel. "This means players can look forward to some incredible titles in the near future because our developers are not constrained by less-sophisticated 16-bit or 32-bit technology." More than 150 independent developers currently are working on Jaguar-compatible products.

Since its release in November 1993, Atari’s Jaguar game system has been named the industry’s "Best New Game System" (Video Games Magazine), "Best New Hardware System" (Game Informer) and "1993 Technical Achievement of the Year" (DieHard GameFan). The Jaguar is the only video game system manufactured in the United States.

Atari Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., designs and markets 64-bit interactive multimedia entertainment systems and video games.

Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their owning companies.

kK Kk O* Contact: Ron Beltramo Joe Harabin Atari Sandwich Islands Publishing (408) 745-8852 (808) 661-5844

For Immediate Releas


First Authorized Jaguar Book Available December 1994

SUNNYVALE, CA (August 18, 1994) -- Fans of Jaguar video games -- the most technologically-advanced games on the market -- soon will be able to learn the best strategies

for playing their favorite games with Atari Jaguar Official Games Secrets. Hawaii-based book company Sandwich Islands Publishing will produce the strategy guide, the first Jaguar book written with the full authorization and cooperation of Atari.

Written by Zach Meston (contributing editor to Video Games, Computer Player, and Tips and Tricks Magazines), J. Douglas Arnold, and Danny Han, Atari Jaguar Official Games Secrets will feature:

* Detailed strategies for the hottest Jaguar games on the market including: Tempest 2000, Aliens vs. Predator, Kasumi Ninja, Wolfenstein 3-D, Doom, Iron Soldier, Ultra Vortex, Club Drive, and many more

* Previews of upcoming Jaguar releases

* Interviews with Jaguar game programmers and a "tech specs" chapter written by Jaguar game developer Douglas Engel

* A vivid design -- with hundreds of screen shots -- which conveys th xcitement of the Jaguar’s 64-bit power

Atari Jaguar Official Games Secrets will be available in December 1994 at a suggested retail price of $14.95.

"Our secrets and strategies for Atari’s library of superb games will make for a book that no Jaguar owner can afford to be without," said Joe Harabin, president of Sandwich Islands Publishing. Zach Meston, lead author of Atari Jaguar Official Games Secrets, added, "It’s an incredible thrill for me to work directly with the company that helped me sharpen my hand-eye coordination and get such a great job in the first place."

Some of the tips included in Atari Jaguar Official Games Secrets already are available on Atari’s popular Jaguar hotline (tel. 1-900-737-2827). The hotline is available 24 hours a day and costs only 95 cents per minute. (Children under 18 require parental permission.)

Atari Jaguar is the world’s first 64-bit interactive multimedia home entertainment system and is the only video game system manufactured in the United States. Jaguar, the most powerful multimedia system available, was recently named the industry’s "Best New Game System" (Video Games Magazine), "Best New Hardware Systems" (Game Informer) and "1993 Technical Achievement of the Year" (Die Hard Game Fan). Jaguar also recently was given the European Computer Trade Show Award for "Best Hardware of the Year."

Atari Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, California, manufactures and markets 64-bit interactive multimedia entertainment systems, video games and personal computers for the home, office and educational marketplaces.

Sandwich Islands Publishing is a privately held company based on the tropical paradise of Lahaina, Maui,

Hawaii. It was formed in 1984 and has been producing best- selling video game strategy guides since 1990. Sandwich Islands Publishing’s books are distributed in the U.S. and overseas, including Canada, Spain, and the UK.

Jaguar is a trademark for Atari Corporation. Atari is a registered trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products named may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their owning companies.

ALIEN vs. PREDATOR MAGAZINE AD From: 75300.1267@compuserve.com (Donald A. Thomas, Jr.)


Below is the text of the 2-page ad that appeared on facing pages (48 and 49) of the September 1994 issue of VideoGames magazine. The ad has a color photograph on the upper two thirds of each page. The photograph on the left page is

of the Alien from Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

The first line of a thr line headline is "pasted" just over the Alien’s image. The right page photograph is of the Predator holding a human skull from Twentieth Century Fox

Film Corporation. The second line of the headline is pasted above the Predator’s head and the last line of the headline is pasted just beneath the image of the skull. All three headline lines appear in a large, underlined typewriter font.

Headline line 1: _YOU_CAN_BE_ THE ALIEN._ Headline line 2: _YOU_CAN_BE_ THE PREDATOR. _ Headline line 3: _~OR_YOU_CAN_BE LUNCH.

The Alien vs. Predator logo stretches just beneath the two photographs across both pages. Six screen captures taken directly from the Alien vs. Predator video game for the Atari 64-bit Jaguar Interactive Multimedia System are "stacked" side-by-side across the two pages. There are a few lines of italicized text beneath or to the right of each screen capture.

SCREEN: far left; left page IMAGE: Aliens’ perspective facing marine TEXT: YOU’RE THE MARINE. YOU’RE THE ALIEN. YOU’RE THE PREDATOR. Be any one of them and fulfill your biological destiny; kill or be killed.


SCREEN: center; left page IMAGE: Marine’s perspective facing Alien TEXT: THE ALIEN LASHES OUT. His claw and tail strikes

H Z Pe QE lka]

are beautiful and deadly. No such aesthetics apply to acid-spitting. That’s just plain sick.

far right; left page

Marine’s perspective facing Alien in airduct YOU'R ALIEN. Texture-mapping heightens the



claustrophobia of the airduct. Too Bad. therapist.

Tell your

far left; right page

Marine’s perspective facing Predator

H Z Pe Q E lka]


more conventional weaponry. Might be a good idea

to keep your first-aid kit handy.

center; right page

Predator's x-ray perspectiv

Above the


body copy:


On the left page is an Atari logo underscored by "MAD To the right of the logo are three small lines of




his view. Too many x-rays can be bad for you.

far right; right page

Predator's perspective facing Marine

MARINE? SOLDIER-ON-A-STICK IS MORE LIKE IT. Your extraordinary bit-mapped image makes the shape of your skull look so very right to the Predator.

screen captures and beneath the photographs from

Century Fox Film Corporation are four lines of

Lunch. Toast. Dogmeat. You’re on the menu. The Alien eats you from the inside out. The Predator’s razor-like mouth parts go for the